Types of Membership

There are licenses for all cycling enthusiasts that are tailored to all skills and abilities. Your licence is valid from the date of issue until December 31 of the licenced year. (ex. January 1 2020 – December 31, 2020).

UCI and Citizen Permit processing is generally a 1-2 week processing time. This includes a review of the application at the OCA office and once approved, the processing of the membership application. Once issued, you will receive a digital card in PDF format by email.  Please note any issues with the application will result in a delay. Common issues include:

  • Missing Headshot Photos (when required)
  • Headshot photos that do not meet the requirements posted
  • Incorrect Category Selections
  • Incomplete or incorrectly completed Member Forms
  • Clubs/Teams not being affiliated at time of application

UCI Licence applicants will have the option to also select a hard copy printed card option for an additional $10 fee. For those who select the print UCI Version, it usually is 2-3 weeks from time of application submission to receiving the membership via Canada Post.  You can purchase rush processing if you require your licence in a shorter time frame at an additional charge at the time of application.  For rush processing to an international address please contact the OCA office.


To purchase an Affiliate Club Membership online, click here.

This category applies to individuals belonging to an OCA affiliated club who do not hold a Race Licence or Citizen Permit. (Note youth 18 and under are provided an Ontario Provincial Citizen Permit for the same cost as an ACM to encourage participation in youth events throughout Ontario).

The Club Membership program is a way for club members to gain access to Cycling Canada’s Sport Accident and Liability Insurance coverage during their OCA affiliated club’s approved activities. Affiliate Club Membership holders are not eligible to vote at the OCA’s Annual General Meeting, and this membership is not permitted for Citizen, Regional, Ontario Cup or Provincial/National level racing. If you already hold a UCI Licence or Citizen Permit, an OCA Affiliate Club Membership is not required.

The OCA Affiliate Club Membership identifies you as a member of the OCA. Like with any OCA membership card, this should be presented at all club activities, even if visiting another club on a one time basis for proof of OCA membership.

Individuals taking out this membership will still be required to sign up for their club and pay any fees which the club may levy for membership. Click here for list of OCA Affiliated Clubs


  • Can participate in their club’s activities or any club inviting the member as a guest
  • OCA Affiliate Club Membership Card MUST be showed to prove membership with the Ontario Cycling Association
  • May upgrade to a Citizen Permit or UCI Licence at any time for the difference in price. (Contact OCA office for more information)
  • Holders have access to Cycling Canada organised insurance program while participating in approved club’s activities
  • Are a non-voting member of the OCA
  • Each club has specific benefits for its club members


To purchase a citizen permit online, click here.

The Citizen Permit is purchased by riders who wish to compete only in Ontario (excluding Nationals, Canada Cup or World Cup events held within the Province). This is strictly a provincial licence that will allow you to participate in OCA sanctioned events in some designated categories. Not all categories can be raced on a Citizen Permit so be sure to check the Sports Section (and event technical guide) to see which membership you require. This licence is best for weekly series riders or beginners/novices. OCA Citizen Permit holders are not eligible to vote at the OCA’s Annual General Meeting.

Note: Youth members (18 and under) are provided a Citizen Permit for the same price as an OCA Affiliate Club Membership. Youth members may decide to participate in their local club programming but are also encourage with this membership to consider any number of youth sanctioned events held across the province.

Citizen Permit Holders:

  • Can participate in their club’s activities or any club inviting the member as a guest
  • Can register at any OCA permitted Citizen Event
  • Can register in designated categories at Regional/O-Cup/Provincial Events (see Sport pages for breakdown)
  • May upgrade to a UCI Licence at any time for the difference in price (Contact OCA office for more information)
  • Are a non-voting member of the OCA
  • Cannot hold a Citizen Permit and UCI licence simultaneously


To purchase a licence online click here.

The UCI Licence is primarily for those who wish to race in the majority of categories in the Ontario Cup Series or at the Provincial Championships. Those looking to race outside the province of Ontario, or at national/international sanctioned events within the province must also purchase a UCI Race Licence. UCI Licence members receive all of the benefits of OCA membership. These licenses are issued by the OCA office on behalf of Cycling Canada Cyclisme, which in turn is affiliated with the international cycling body, Union Cycliste Internationale. This means that CCC/UCI Licence holders will be able to compete in any sanctioned event anywhere in the world, subject to certain conditions. This card should be present and shown at any OCA sanctioned activity (club activity, citizen event, Regional/O-Cup event, etc.) as proof of membership.

UCI Licence Holders:

  • Can register for any OCA event (subject to specific category allowance)
  • Can register in designated categories at Regional/O-Cup/Provincial Events (see Sport pages for breakdown)
  • Receive a vote at the OCA Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Licence is valid internationally
  • May be eligible for certain High Performance Projects based on pre-defined criteria


To purchase this membership, click here.

General Members are members of the Association who do not plan to ride or race. This membership does not provide insurance coverage for riding or racing but is usually associated with those looking to have a say in the affairs of the OCA. Each General Member is a voting member of the Association and receives a vote at the Annual General Meeting.

  • Receive a vote at the OCA Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Must purchase UCI Licence, Citizen Permit or One-Event Racing Permit to register in OCA events
  • Must purchase Affiliate Club Membership to participate in club activities



Cycling Canada Cyclisme will be the sole issuing body of CAN-BIKE Instructor Membership and Insurance.  For further information on this please CLICK HERE

Non-Member Permit

A non-member permit allows someone without a licence to participate in a single event. These permits are either purchased at the event, or may be prepaid if the event has online registration. Non-member permits are not available at every event, so please confirm with the event organizer prior to event day.

OCA Citizen Event

  • For riders wishing to register in an OCA Citizen Permitted Event who are not a Citizen Permit holder or UCI licence holder
  • Individuals are limited to 3 Non-Member Racing Permits in total throughout the season (including Regional Events)
  • Not all citizen events will be selling Non-Member Racing Permits (please contact organizer for details)

OCA Regional Event (any event where upgrade points are available)

  • Riders wishing to participate in an OCA Regional Permitted Event who are not UCI licence holders, or Citizen Permit holders must purchase a One-Event Racing Permit to compete
  • Permits are not available at Ontario Cup and Regional Road events
  • Can only purchase 3 One-Event Racing Permits in a season (including Citizen events)
  • Must purchase a UCI licence (or Citizen Permit if in an applicable category) to participate in 4th event
  • For Downhill events, non-member permits are limited to two (2) annually
  • Are limited to entry level categories only

For a comprehensive list of the Membership pricing structure, please see the Membership Rates and Pricing page.