2018-2019 Ontario Cup Track Series Information

The 2018-2019 track season is approaching quickly, with registration set to open on Monday, November 5th for Track Ontario Cup #1 presented by Mercedes-Benz Oakville!

In preparation for the track season, please read the following information regarding the Ontario Cup track series, as changes have occurred to several policies this season.


Licensing Information

  • Only UCI licensed riders may compete within the Ontario Cup track series. Out of province/country riders along with approved upgraded U17s are welcome, subject to availability. Licenses must have a UCI track code.
  • 2018 track UCI licenses will be accepted for Track Ontario Cup #1 only. If you do not have a valid UCI track license for 2018, you will be able to purchase a 2019 license that will allow you to compete at the first O-Cup along with the rest of the season.
  • 2019 track UCI licenses will be available for purchase in mid-November.
  • The 2019 license will allow you to compete at the first Ontario Cup along with the rest of the season. Please ensure you purchase your license in time.
  • Please contact the OCA office for more information on licensing options.

NEW Category Structure

  • A new category structure will apply for Ontario Cup #1 and Ontario Cup #2 only. Ontario Cup #3 will see a different category structure as Junior and U17 categories will be included as part of the Eastern Challenge. Please refer to the below chart for suggested seeding.
  • Depending on registration numbers, categories may be combined. It is recommended that a minimum of ten (10) riders be registered within each category for categories to stand as listed.
  • Results and awards will not be broken out for combined categories.


  • Suggested seeding is a guideline only and self-seeding is permitted.
  • Due to field caps placed on number of entrants for each event, the OCA will monitor and reserve the right to move entrants around based on category availability, previous O-Cup results, and Milton weekly racing results.

Upgrade Policy

  • U17 riders subject to the upgrade policy may be eligible for an upgrade to race.
  • All upgrade requests must be submitted to the upgrade committee as per the upgrade policy.
  • Upgrade policy documents are available on the OCA website under forms and literature.

In-Field Policy

  • Access to the in-field is limited. Only licensed athletes, coaches, and operational/event personnel are allowed in the in-field/safety zone.
  • Spectators and parents are not permitted on the in-field and must watch from the stands.
  • Those permitted on the in-field are required to comply with the responsible coaching movement, completing all procedures before receiving access to the in-field.
  • For more information on the responsible coaching movement, please click here or contact the OCA office.

Concussion Policy

  • Ontario Cycling Association is committed to maintaining the health of its athletes and believes that an athlete’s health is more important than participating in the sport of cycling.
  • Ontario Cycling Association Concussion Policy is a zero-tolerance policy, in place for all OCA athletes, coaches, officials, and members, during all sanctioned cycling events, competitions, and practices.
  • Should a commissaire or OCA feel that a rider is unfit to race for any reason, the OCA reserves the right to remove the rider from the event, for their own safety and safety of others.
  • Please ensure you are familiar with the Concussion Policy ahead of participating within any OCA event.