OCA Canada Cup Exposure Project – Daily Reports

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OCA Canada Cup Exposure Project Day 3-4 Report

By Liam Mulcahy

The day started off with an early morning bike wash due to the muddy race at Tremblant. We had lots of fun cleaning our bikes and talking about stories from the day before, like how everyone had all the battle woundson their shins. Then we had some lunch at the cabins and got ready for a recovery spin to the village at Tremblant. It turned into a bit of a sprint day on the road due to all the Ironman athletes practicing for the upcoming race and trying to pass us. Once at the mountain we all changed into street clothes and went into the village to go shopping or race each other on the luge run. Then we all sprinted back down to the van and drove back to the cabins, where we had a great dinner and our team meeting talking about our performances from the race. Once done the meeting it was time to pack up and get ready to leave for Bromont the next morning. In Bromont we will be focusing on some skill performance drills and some technical drops. Looking forward to it!

Some pictures from todays race at Tremblant. Nice job by the U17 boys today with Ty and Q both on the box


OCA Canada Cup Exposure Project – Day 1-2 Report

By Soren Meeuwisse

Today was forecasted to be a day filled with thunder storms, so the team left the beautiful chalets bright and early to beat the rain to the trails. Most of the team had ridden this race course before, but for some, the never ending climb and epic downhill were new features! Everyone rode the first lap together slow… And by slow I mean 2 and a half hours slow. It was a very helpful first lap though, because we looked at every technical section and nailed it! Unfortunately, Maddy had a bad crash and landed the wrong way on the wrist, breaking her scaphoid bone. Everyone else went out for another couple laps of the course as the day turned out to be very hot and sunny! That afternoon and evening the team just hung out in the chalets and cooked delicious dinners. Aside from Maddy’s unfortunate injury, it was a great first full day on the project!


Here is a picture of me after todays race. I was excited to be on the podium.