Interested in becoming a coach?

There are essentially two (2) streams for coaches to begin their coach education:

This is called the “Let’s Ride! Community Initiation” Stream.

Let’s Ride! Community Cycling Initiation
Let’s Ride! Community Cycling- Initiation (CCI) is the NCCP context for coaches who will primarily work with novice, pre-competitive cyclists at the community level, including participants in the Active Start, FUNdamentals and early Learn to Train stages of athlete development. The program is simple, based on a number of pre-designed lesson plans, and adaptable to the varying skill and ability levels of participants. The focus of the program is on having participants develop skills which are basic to MTB, BMX, and Road, in a controlled, off-road, off-trail setting such as a sport field or parking lot.

CCI training has two parts – the “Let’s Ride!” CCI workshop (5 hrs), and a Basic Cycling Skills workshop (8 hrs). The first workshop provides information on ethical coaching, participants and their needs, basic practice planning, equipment and other important information for coaches of beginner cyclists. The second workshop provides an opportunity for “on-bike” practice in skill teaching and analysis, practice coaching and use of provided lesson plans. On completion, coaches have “Trained” status in NCCP.

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This is called the “Ready to Race! Introduction to Competition” Stream.

Ready to Race! Introduction to Competition:
Ready to Race! Introduction to Competition (R2R) is the context for coaches who will primarily work with new competitive cyclists at the community and club level. These athletes will likely be in the Learn to Train to Train to Train stages of LTAD, although the context could apply to any new racer of any age. These athletes have basic but developed cycling skills and the desire to begin competing within a structured training and competition program. They should have passed through an entry-level Community Initiation program (CCI) to help them develop the basic skills.

There are a number of courses required to obtain your full certification involving both in-class and on bike workshops. Please visit click here for a full course listing and course description.

For a list of upcoming course being offered in Ontario please visit our coach courses page.