OIRRS #4 Update and Race #3 Recap

Last week’s race took riders on the challenging Greater London Loop.

With a trip around the city of Westminster, down the underground tunnels and up London’s famous Box Hill, the race provided riders an intense challenge.

The race saw 170 OCA registered participants and a total of 258 riders. The race featured another unintended mass start but still went off smoothly.

After the first two weeks of working out categories and other issues, this week marked the beginning of the points series. Riders earned points for registering, reporting their DNF by 1:00pm, using a HR monitor or power meter and of course for how they finished. For a full rundown of how the points system works please consult the Tech Guide.

For Full Race Standings: OCA IRRS Series Points

For Timed Results from Race #3: Click Here

For Race #4 anyone who wants to race must register HERE by 6:00pm on Friday May 22nd.

This allows us to create start lists and finalize results. While racers are allowed to take part in the race without registering, their results will not be captured by the OCA.

Racers are also reminded to modify their Zwift username to include their category code so everyone knows what category they are racing during the event. Here is a complete list of categories with their accompanying codes:

If youth or women racers wish to participate in a category outside of the ‘D’ or ‘E’ category respectively, please contact the organizer prior to registering.

This week’s race will be the Sand & Sequoias course. Split into a flat desert section and a forest grove which features some moderate climbing, this race will be a fun and challenging course. The course will be between 40.2 and 80.4 km’s long depending on which category riders are in.

Tech Guide: OCA Indoor Road Race Series Tech Guide v1.1

This week the event will be livestreamed on YouTube: HERE

For Full Details: https://www.ontariocycling.org/event/oca-indoor-road-race-series-race-4/