OCA Track Events Update – New Category Structure

After much discussion and consulting with a number of track stakeholders, changes have been made to the race structure for the track O-Cups.  It involves changing the category structure to better optimize track time and increase racing opportunities for women.  We have created ability categories for the endurance events and have grouped categories for the sprint events.

O-cup 2           The new categories will be in place and the event will be comprised of Sprint and Endurance events

O-Cup 3           Endurance event – new categories with additional events for U17 and U19 Men and Women

Individual Pursuit for U17 and U19 Men and Women


Endurance Events – Elimination, Scratch and Points

Men                Up to 24 per field for a total of 72 entrants Cat 1 -3

Junior              Up to 24 entrants

New Category                  Suggested Seeding*

Cat 1    Men                 Elite and Master A (may include national or provincial champions)

Cat 2    Men                 Master B and C

Cat 3    Men                 Master D

Junior Men                  Junior men

Women        Up to 24 per field for a total of 48 entrants Cat 1 -2

New Category                  Suggested Seeding*

Cat 1    Women           Elite Women and Junior Women

Cat 2    Women           Master Women


Sprint Events – Keirin

Up to 28 entrants per category

New Category                  Grouping

Men                             Elite, Master

Women                       Elite, Master and Junior

Junior Men                  Junior men


*Seeding – Riders will be able to self-seed however this will be monitored and the OCA reserves the right to move entrants around based on O-Cup and Milton weekly racing results.