Provincial Championship Category Clarifications for Upgraded Riders (U17 to Junior)

In keeping with past Provincial Championship policies, as well as the format of National Championships eligibility, below are the eligibility rules regarding riders of U17 age this racing season:

U17 aged riders (Born 2001 and 2002)

Those riders who have received season long upgrades to race Junior in Ontario may race the Provincial Road Race, Time Trial and Criterium in the Junior category.

Any U17 riders who have not been granted an upgrade and have been racing in the Youth Road Development Series who would like to race the Junior category at the Provincial Road Race, Time Trial and/or Criterium may apply for an upgrade for these races. Any upgrade request MUST be received at the OCA office by Monday May 29th at noon and must clearly identify the races the applicant intends to participate in.

All U17 riders who are approved to race Junior at the Provincial Championship races will be required to ride with Jr. gears and will be subject to Junior gear restrictions.

Please note any U17 aged riders who are approved for an upgrade to Junior (regardless of if it’s for one of the Provincial Championship races or more) will be racing as a Junior and will be eligible to race the Youth Road Development Series Championship race in their age category.

Requests can be made using the upgrade form CLICK HERE