Requests for 1st Year U17 Upgrades to Junior [Road]

The OCA has recently decided to accept temporary upgrade requests for 1st year Under 17 riders who have been racing in the Youth Cup Road Series. As with the requests for 2nd year riders, these requests will be reviewed and if approved, granted a provisional upgrade for one (1) or two (2) races. Following these races, the rider would need to re-submit a season-long upgrade request to remain in the Junior category.

1st year U17 requests will be reviewed based on a number factors including (but not limited to):

  • The rider’s current competitive field in the Youth Cup Series
  • The rider’s current results in the Youth Cup Series
  • The category distance of the race(s) the rider is requesting an upgrade*
  • Rider’s sanctioned race history

*To ensure alignment with Long Term Athlete Development practices/theories appropriate race distances will be a strong consideration in the review process.  Therefore, riders may be denied an upgrade for one race but approved for another based on the length of the race.

As with all requests, upgrades MUST be submitted using the OCA Upgrade/Downgrade Request Form and MUST be received by Monday at Noon for that weekend’s race. Any requests made after that time will not be reviewed for that weekend’s race.

  • Due to the nature of the Grey County Time Trial and Road Race course distance, no upgrades (except those already granted season long upgrades) will be considered.