Scott Ontario Cup #5/6 WEEKEND Extravaganza at Albion a HUGE success!

In the wake of the cancellation of Ontario Cup #1 (Ice/snow storm), the decision to do back-to-back races as part of a full weekend of racing at Albion Hills sure didn’t disappoint! At least half the campers at Albion were riders enjoying the amenities of Albion while putting their endurance to the test with 2 full days of racing! The numbers on each day reflect riders’ willingness to try the different format, and in fact it was so successful we may just make this an annual event!

With the long course format Saturday, and shorter format Sunday, the fittest of riders rose to the top, and over 2 days of racing, anything can happen! Jenn Jackson, far and away the top female of the weekend, tore a tire on day 2 and couldn’t finish, while Canada Cup winner Quinton Disera thought a 100km road ride preceeding the Enduro was a good idea, only to run out of gas after lap 1! “Q” of Norco Factory team showed why he’s one of the countries’ best on the following day, winning Sunday over the weekend’s most consistent rider, Tyler Orschel of Durham Shredders, the two-day overall champion! Overall winners were crowned with a champion medal in all categories, another incentive to come race both days! Sunday’s third place medal and cheque went to Tyler Clark of Homestead Racing. Sunday’s female elite race saw Andrea Burley of Bateman’s take her first ever win in Elite, with Dana Gilligan of Angry Johnny’s taking the second spot. Third went to Kierstyn (Little) Hawke of Durham Shredders. The fastest Juniors on Sunday were Katelyn Walcroft of Hardwood/Next Wave, and Calvin Loney riding for The North Hub/Bolton Tire.

Saturday’s long lap sure put riders to the test, as course designer Sean Ruppel added every tough uphill Albion had to offer – including two climbs per lap up the fabled “Green Monster” climb! Sean got scratched off a few Xmas Card lists with that move. Rising to the challenge in the Elite Men’s field was Gunnar Holmgren of Hardwood/Next Wave with a victory over second place Tyler Orschel of Durham Shredders. Finding a comfortable home on the 3rd podium spot both days was Tyler Clark of Homestead Racing. Jenn Jackson of AWI showed why she’s in the top 3-5 in Canada, winning Saturday’s race handily. Claiming their spots for the entire weekend, Dana Gilligan of Angry Johnny’s Evolution was second, with Kierstyn Hawke of Durham Shredders in the third spot. With 2 – second places Dana secured her spot as the “Double-header” Champion, while Saturday’s winner Brayden Hudson of Energy Cycling was the overall Junior winner. Also winning Saturday, and claiming the overall title, was Katelyn Walcroft of Hardwood/Next Wave!

The next and final stop on the Ontario Cup circuit is Provincial Championships at Kelso August 26! The OCA is running this event in-house, and are excited to forg