The OCA is Excited to Announce its High Performance Track Program for the 2018-2019 Season!

The Ontario Cycling Association [OCA] is excited to announce its High Performance Track Program for the 2018-2019 Season. In consultation with Cycling Canada, Canadian Sport Institute Ontario [CSIO], and provincial club coaches, the OCA will be expanding track programming with a tiered system to provide additional training opportunities for athletes tracking towards international success. These training opportunities are intended to be an enhancement of club/personal coach training.

The OCA will continue to develop its Teams of Ontario programs, while providing more opportunities for individual development and skill acquisition to build well rounded athletes. In addition to the High Performance Program, the OCA will also run Skill Workshops aimed towards developing technical skills that can be applied in all types of race situations.

The OCA is thrilled to have a variety of coaches leading different groups within the program, providing a wealth of knowledge and experience, including Olympian and World medallist, Annie Foreman-Mackey, who will lead the HP Training Group. Returning coaches Rick Lee [NCCH], David Jack [NCIM], and Art Adams [Kallisto FCV] will continue to lead the Teams of Ontario programs, and Kelyn Akuna (Former US National Team Member) will lead the skills/sprint workshops.

Summary of Programs:
High Performance Training Group

Focusing on individual development and skill acquisition in a high performance setting, this group will meet bi-weekly for track sessions and weekly for strength and conditioning sessions led by a CSIO strength coach. Olympian and World’s Medallist, Annie Foreman-Mackey, will coach/mentor athletes involved in this program. As a holistic program, athletes will also have access to additional services throughout the season (regular individual meetings with mental performance consultant, dietician, physio/massage/chiro). These athletes will also be invited to take part in OCA’s warm weather camp in February.

Teams of Ontario – Tier 1

Building upon success of previous year’s camp based format for the Teams of Ontario program, athletes will focus on team pursuit/team sprint training. This group will meet for camps, as well as additional training sessions, to encourage consistency and regular training to fine tune skills and development. This group will also include athletes in the HP Training Group.

Teams of Ontario – Tier 2

This group will provide a camp based format to introduce and refine team skills and training for a larger group of athletes. Athletes will have the opportunity to progress into Tier 1 programming based on their training, testing, and racing results.

Skills/Sprint Workshops

In an effort to improve the technical skills of all Ontario track cyclists, Skills Workshops will be integrated into HP, Tier 1 and Tier 2 programming. On Skill Workshop days, all athletes will join together for board room sessions, and on-track skill development sessions. Emphasis will be put on achieving technical excellence in many facets of track racing.

Athletes interested in participating in OCA programming for the upcoming season should complete the Google Form: HERE  by no later than September 1, 2018.

Any questions about the OCA Track Program can be directed to Joseph Veloce at

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